I'm Arnaud Droxler, a Master student in Computer Science at 7206050656 in Lausanne.
My interests are computer graphics, video games and game engine. I am also a musician who plays several instruments such as piano, guitar and percussion.
You can have an overview of myself by downloading my resume.
On this web site, you will find the most interesting projects I worked on during these last years.


In this section, I present some of the most interesting projects I've been working on whether personal or group work.
It mainly concerns computer science, but it also contains music projects.

WebGL Water

A personal project, the goal was to create an ocean simulation with water reflection and refraction.

November 2017



My bachelor thesis, the goal of the project HoloM3D is to use the HoloLens helmet from Microsoft
for visualizing 3D matrix from medical data like IRM or CT-Scan.
My goal in this project was to create a pre-prototype to evaluate the feasibility of the project.

May - August 2017

WebGL Cel Shading

A personal project, the goal was to implement a cel-shading rendering with shadow mapping.

March 2017



A semester project, the goal of this project was to realize an application allowing to visualize the building of the HE-Arc
and its surroundings to allow the visitor / student to discover with there smartphone.
It also offers a guidance function to go from point A to point B, and geolocation function inside the building.

October 2016 - January 2017

WebGL Path Tracing

A computer graphics course project, the goal was to implement a path-tracing in real time.
The path tracing use a ray tracing algorithm for computing the global illumination of the 3D scene.

November 2016 - January 2017


Cadexmus 2

A Semester School project, it is a revolutionary web application for collaborative music creation.
You can use it with your friend to compose the new hit of the year. After creating a new project,
you can invite yours friends and begin to collaborate. The application allows you to create loops and add sample to it.
All your modifications are updated at your friends. A chat is at your disposal to concentrate your creativity.
A bank of sample is available and you can add your personal sample to it for the community.

October - December 2016


RATTCO - Ramasse des Armes par Terre et Tire sur tes Copains Online

A Summer School project, it's a doom-like multiplayer game.
In the game, you can shoot your friend with several types of weapons, pick up ammos and medipacks.
The game engine is built from scratch and it uses the ray-casting method for draw pixel on the screen.
The programm contains a client and a server, you must be in the same local network of the server to be able to connect with the client.
You can easily create new maps for the game with a simple png.

August - September 2016


Conway's Game of Life

A little personal project, a simple implementation of the Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript.

May 2016



My first personal project, inspired by the videos of snubby j, I decided to build my own musical instrument.
It consists of about thirty PVC tubes of different sizes and it's called Rimbatube.
It plays like a xylophone or a piano and the sound he produces is very special and unique.
I usually play pop culture songs on it, like movies or video game's theme.

March 2014



Here you will find a list of all the books that I read in the past few years.
I will try to add some personal comments on those books.

  • Concevoire un jeu vidéo, Marc Albinet
  • LearnOpenGL, Joey de Vries
  • Game Engine Architecture, 2nd editon, Jason Gregory
  • Game Programming Patterns, Robert Nystrom
  • Clean Code, Robert Cecil Martin
  • Digital Image Processing, 3nd edition, Rafael c. Gonzalez and Richard e. Woods


If you have any questions, or you would like to approach me, use the following informations :

Address : Louis Favre 22 Neuchâtel 2000
Phone : +33 7 85 52 68 27
Email : arnaud.droxler@gmail.com